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Get process automation to help your teams succeed, and software license management and software license sales to simplify your life. All delivered by a San Francisco Bay Area firm that has achieved the most select level of Atlassian certification: Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. Coyote Creek can help make your project a success by bringing you… Contact us Today!

  • Atlassian Jira support consulting, and project services, support, consulting, upgrades and licensing for the entire Atlassian suite (including plugins!).
  • Extensive experience using Atlassian and Atlassian application lifecycle management practices and tools to address enterprise-level issues.
  • A set of proven solutions, customized to meet your organization’s needs.

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Coyote Creek provides expert Jira consulting, Confluence consulting and consulting services for other Atlassian products. Of course, there’s no point in automating an inefficient process.



When you’ve already optimized the processes and know exactly what you want, Coyote Creek’s project services can get the job done. As Atlassian Platinum Solution Partners we know the products. Count on us to complete the project as smoothly and uneventfully as possible.



Looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade to the latest version of your Atlassian software? Our fixed price EXPRESS upgrade package is for you. Thanks to our extensive experience with Atlassian products, you’ll get a proven upgrade methodology that avoids problems and minimizes downtime.



Need Jira support or support for your other Atlassian products? Atlassian relies on partners like Coyote Creek to provide it. Purchase support hours for use as needed, or opt for our full 24/7/365 managed services solution. Either way you get an expert on call to address issues when they arise.



From Atlassian software license sales to software license management, Coyote Creek can help you determine which licenses and plug-ins you should purchase, and clean-up, rationalize and co-terminate the licenses you already have.
Plus, we offer payment terms (although Atlassian does not).

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Coyote Creek Consulting is now certified as an Atlassian Authorized Training Partner. Now our clients can enjoy the convenience of getting everything they need from one partner.


Jira Software

Once you start using Jira software you’ll quickly understand why it’s the number one development tool for Agile teams. Use an out-of-the-box workflow or create your own. Either way Jira software can improve your team’s performance at every step of the development process: planning, tracking, releasing and reporting.


Why do so many teams love using HipChat for group and private chat, file sharing and integrations? Because it’s chat that’s built for business. HipChat is secure, persistent and searchable, and it works on all platforms. You get easy screen sharing, drag and drop file sharing, video calling, screen sharing and much more.


Known as the Git solution for professional teams, Bitbucket is a distributed version control system that lets you secure your software development workflow. With Bitbucket you get granular permissions at the project, repository or branch level; your choice of flexible deployment models; and the ability to scale to any size.

Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk software gives your employees an easy way to ask for help while helping your service personnel track and resolve incidents. Fast to implement and simple to use, Jira Service Desk provides reports that let you catch bottlenecks early, visual SLAs to support prioritization, and automation of repetitive tasks.


Confluence document collaboration software gives your team one centralized web-based place to organize their work, create documents and provide feedback to each other. Which means less time spent hunting things down, and more time making things happen. You can even give every group its own space to store work.

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Overwhelmed by app choices? Let Coyote Creek help you winnow the list down to a handful that will exactly meet your needs, and then configure and deploy the ones you choose. We’ve helped customers successfully deploy all of the most popular apps, so we can eliminate the guesswork for you.

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At Coyote Creek we’re all about technology, but we know it’s the human connection that makes the difference in all that we do.

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