Information Technology Vacation Planning and Protecting Your Devices

information technology vacation planning

  Information Technology Vacation Planning By Mike Faster President  You’re heading out on vacation for some much needed downtime. You’ve handed over your important work duties to someone else, let everyone know you’ll be out, set up out-of-office messages, and followed all of the other best practices for Information Technology vacation planning. You’re all packed up… read more

Information Technology Vacation Planning Best Practices

information technology vacation planning

 Information Technology Vacation Planning By Mike Faster President This is the third article in my series on Information Technology vacation planning. In previous articles I talked about the importance of creating a department vacation schedule where everyone can see when everyone else is taking their vacation, and the positive side of having people out on… read more

Information Technology Vacation Planning Presents Unique Opportunities

Information Technology Vacation Planning

 Information Technology Vacation Planning By Mike Faster President In an earlier blog about Information Technology vacation planning I talked about the importance of creating a vacation schedule and asking all of your team members to communicate when they were planning to be out of the office. I even provided alink to a handy vacation planning… read more

It’s Information Technology Vacation Planning Time

information Technology Vacation planning

Information Technology Vacation Planning By Mike Faster President It’s that time of the year again: Everyone in your department is starting to plan for their vacation. Back when I was a CIO I’d get quite anxious heading into the summer months. I knew that the work wouldn’t stop just because some of my key people… read more

Writing Effective Emails for Business

writing effective emails

Writing Effective Emails By: Jessica Rodriguez Account Executive Coyote Creek Consulting The essence of communication is sharing: providing data, information, insight and inspiration. Email is one of the many ways that we communicate with others. Unfortunately, as George Bernard Shaw once said, “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken… read more

Improving Exchange Security through Monitoring

Exchange Security

Exchange Security By Mohan Reddy Senior Systems Engineer In my last post, “4 Best Practices for Microsoft Exchange Security,” I focused on using passwords, patches, mobile access policies and log audits to improve the security of Microsoft Exchange. In this article I’ll zero in on monitoring. For Exchange security best practices, what exactly should you… read more

The Problem with Sharing JIRA Filters

JIRA filters

 JIRA Filters By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer One of the popular features in JIRA, Atlassian’s project management and bug tracking software, is the ability to search for JIRA Issues. You can search for Issues using the Basic search. This allows you to simply pick Project or Issue types and a variety of… read more

Outlook Calendars Best Practices Pt 2

Outlook calendars best practices

Outlook Calendars Best Practices By Ryan Johnson, Systems Engineering Manager and Dave Booth, Senior Engineer In our previous post on “2 Things to Avoid when Creating Meetings in Outlook Calendars,” we warned about the dangers of booking recurring meetings that extend out more than one year, and re-purposing old meetings instead of creating new ones.… read more

LinkedIn Profile Tips to Get You Found

LinkedIn profile tips

LinkedIn Profile Tips By Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter As a technical recruiter, one of the tools that I rely on is LinkedIn, which is why I am telling you some LinkedIn profile tips. I use LinkedIn to proactively find job candidates who might not be actively looking for a new position, and I use… read more

HipChat ChatOps can Improve Operational Effectiveness

HipChat ChatOps

HipChat ChatOps By Neivath Cheung Systems Engineer Like many teams in the IT world, the members of Coyote Creek’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) practice are quite spread out geographically. We’ve got team members located everywhere from California and New York to Florida and Asia. Needless to say, there’s no break room in which we… read more