Case Study: Rebuilding Microsoft Exchange

Rebuilding Microsoft Exchange

Rebuilding Microsoft Exchange By: Ryan Skarra-Gallagher Senior Systems Engineer Background Earlier this year Coyote Creek was contacted by a mid-sized East Coast financial services provider that’s been running an on-premise installation of Microsoft Exchange 2013. Something had gone wrong with their Exchange system, and now Microsoft had told them that the best solution was rebuilding… read more

Why You Should Keep Your JIRA Admin Group Small

JIRA Admin group

 JIRA Admin Group By Jo-Anne MacLeod Solutions Architect We often work with clients that have granted JIRA Admin access to a large number of people. Sometimes many of these JIRA Admins are not actually tasked with making sure that JIRA stays running. Other times they are…but with “too many cooks stirring the pot,” they have… read more

PowerShell Script to Clear Stale Locks on SharePoint Documents

Powershell Script

 PowerShell Script By Stephen Westerfield Senior Systems Engineer It’s a problem that SharePoint Administrators run into more often than they’d like to: Someone needs to use a document, but when they go to open it they get an error message saying that the file is locked for shared use by another user. Now it’s up… read more

Take Your Atlassian Tools from Rogue to Company Sanctioned

Atlassian tools

  Atlassian Tools By Dave Theodore Atlassian Team Manager When companies decide to deploy Microsoft tools such as Exchange or SharePoint, this decision is pretty much always made from on high and then implemented organization-wide. However, for some reason this is often not the way Atlassian tools implementations take place. What we frequently see in the… read more

Why Coyote Creek No Longer Accepts Microsoft Development Funds

No Smoking Sign

Microsoft Development Funds  By Kevin Szady Director of Technical Services Over the past few years Microsoft has periodically run promotional programs whereby they give selected customers who meet specific purchase requirements free funding to help with the implementation of Office 365. Sometimes this financial assistance has been referred to as “ Microsoft development funds,” other… read more

Using Confluence as a Team Interface

Confluence team interface

  By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer Atlassian’s Confluence is a great document collaboration application that gives teams one centralized web-based place to organize work, create documents and provide feedback to each other. Unfortunately, many organizations are not making the most of their Confluence investment because they’re just using Confluence as a general… read more

Fast Feedback Means Successful Hire

Successful hire

How Fast Feedback Means Successful Hire By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter It’s no secret that we’re in the midst of a tight labor market. The best candidates for technical positions routinely receive multiple offers and are a successful hire. They are quickly hired, often by hiring managers who are desperate to bring on the… read more

JIRA Workflow Separation of Duties

JIRA Workflow

JIRA Workflow By Logan Hawkes Senior Atlassian Engineer The JIRA Administrator and the Scrum Master were not seeing eye-to-eye. The JIRA Administrator wanted to get some firm rules in place regarding who would be allowed to transition issues between different statuses in the workflow. The Scrum Master was vigorously resisting this effort. “Everything is running… read more

Hybrid Exchange Solution Deployment Using Okta Provisioning

hybrid exchange solution

Hybrid Exchange Solution By Ron Erlandson Senior Systems Engineer Background: A migration to Office 365 I’ve been working on a project for a client that is migrating from on-premise Exchange to the Exchange Online in Office 365. To get from Point A to Point B they are implementing a Hybrid Exchange Solution and doing a… read more

Atlassian Summit 2017

Atlassian Summit

 Atlassian Summit Atlassian’s annual user conference, Atlassian Summit, will take place September 12th to 14th at the San Jose Convention Center. It is expected to have the highest turnout yet. If attending, you can enjoy industry user groups, training courses, keynotes, breakout sessions, parties, and more! Learn about the latest Atlassian services from Atlassian Platinum Solution… read more