Job Tenure Matters… Most of the Time

job tenure

Job Tenure Matters By Nathan Lundberg Contract Services Manager You’ve got an open position on your IT team for a full-time employee, and it seems like a number of the candidates have been hopping from job to job. When you look at their resumes, what really jumps out at you is their pattern of changing… read more

Monitoring Microsoft Exchange is Vital

Monitoring Microsoft Exchange

 Monitoring Microsoft Exchange By Ryan Johnson, Systems Engineering Manager and Brad Bolton, Systems Engineer Microsoft Exchange is a business-critical application. If it goes down, no one will be able to send email, receive email, or access their calendars…which means that everyone in the company from the clerks to the CEO will be screaming. To ensure… read more

Using JIRA Core for Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

By Dave Kremer Guest Blogger San Francisco Bay Area Atlassian User Group Leader Atlassian’s JIRA was originally created as a tool to give software developers everything they need to build great software through strong teamwork, from project management to issue tracking. And Atlassian did a fabulous job with this! If you talk to developers, you… read more

Simplifying Atlassian Crowd Security

Atlassian Crowd

By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer Atlassian sells its Crowd software as a way to centralize identity management for your Atlassian applications. Crowd lets you manage users from multiple directories via a single admin console and control application permissions from one place. It gives you Single Sign On, group permissions, one area from… read more

Recruiting College Grads for Your Team

Recruiting college grads

Recruiting College Grads By Nikki Motas Senior Technical Recruiter Everyone has to start somewhere, and for most of us our first “real” job in our field is the one we start shortly after we graduate from college. From the college grad’s point of view, getting that first job can be extremely intimidating and stressful. From… read more

Is Your Active Directory Replication Working Properly?

Active Directory Replication

 Active Directory Replication By Romeo Cavestany Systems Engineer In a Windows infrastructure, the Active Directory (AD) database is the heart and soul of the entire networking environment. Active Directory is where all of your schema, configuration and domain naming information about your users and computers are stored. All of your other applications depend on this… read more

Job Interview Tips to Nail Your Next Job Interview

Job Interview tips

 Job Interview Tips By Mike Dobrev Senior Technical Recruiter Got a big job interview coming up? Congratulations! That interview puts you one step closer to your next career opportunity. If you’re feeling nervous about this interview, keep in mind that preparation and attitude are the keys to success. Based on my experience as a technical… read more

The JIRA Settings that Can Cause JIRA to Crawl

JIRA settings

JIRA Settings By Logan Hawkes Senior Atlassian Engineer You’ve got a JIRA server running on the perfect environment. It lives on its own ESX server, and it has been allocated a dozen CPUs, 40 GB RAM, a terabyte of lightning-fast fiber-connected SSD storage space, and enough network bandwidth to stream an actual stream. Your authentication is on a remote Active Directory server, your database is… read more

Validating Your Ability to Restore an Exchange Backup

Exchange security

Exchange Backup By Romeo Cavestany Systems Engineer What’s worse than having your Exchange system crash? Having your Exchange system crash and discovering in the midst of this disaster that you can’t restore it from your backup. After all, it’s not enough to have a backup system in place. You also need to test and validate… read more

How to Avoid Problems with JIRA Permissions

JIRA Permissions

JIRA Permissions By Sean Jason Byrne Atlassian Team Senior Engineer There are a lot of aspects to Atlassian security. In this post I will focus on JIRA Permission Schemes and Project Roles, and how you can simplify these while still providing your Users with the access they need. Keeping the JIRA security simple will make… read more